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The Cherry

Part 2 – The young Cherry

As a young boy you usually do not have much input on club choice. That is mostly for you and in 99 of the 100 cases to do with the club where mom or dad are already active, or have been very active, in any role. Well, it doesn’t matter, as long as I could play soccer. Whether I was very aware of the club where I would make my first meters, not so. I was 6 years old when I went out with my brothers. No idea where to go, because at that age you soon walk behind your big brother or sister. In my case, brothers, because they were already on soccer. And my sister … well, she never liked soccer. My parents didn’t have time for soccer. After a while, I arrived at the destination with my brothers. Oh, but I knew this; the local soccer club, right in front of the Zaanse Schans (famous windmill parc). I thought I would play soccer with my brothers.


Part 1 – Who’s the Cherry?

I can still remember it well. A fantastic beautiful day in August. Hopefully waiting for the coach who would appear. It took a while, but we did not let us go crazy. After all, it was great weather, so that would be fine. After a while we started to worry. That coach would not have forgotten? Maybe we were mistaken in the time! No that is not possible. We couldn’t imagine that 18 parents would be wrong in the time. Then just ask the man at the materials loft in recognizable club clothing. I hoped he could provide me with clarity and asked if he knew who would become the coach of the team. Unfortunately, he had no